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The Ecologist

Environmental affairs online magazine… Earlier printed version discovered in the future in Everyone Can be a herO.

I love the idea of decentralised, local energy, e.g. Feldheim, in Germany and especially small scale micro wind turbines and solar power.

http://www.microgenscotland.org.uk  focuses on news about small scale renewable projects in the U.K.   

Two of the other positive articles about the future you can find on the  web can be found at …

http://news.stanford.edu/news/2011/january/jacobson-world-energy-012611.html   (World powered by alternative energy)

http://www.dailygood.org/view.php?sid=351  (The City that ended Hunger)


The Green (Living) Review aims to be the definitive review journal about all things environment and sustainable living

Re-use Central  (facebook)

How to transform and reuse what you might have thrown away, with excellent photos and some clever ideas.

Below are really important sites on saving our earth..and us.

Organic Consumers Association

Soil Association  (U.K.)

Save Our Soils

Food Democracy Now

To More Environmentally Helpful Websites   

and  helpful nuclear information sites  U.K. based nuke info ,, films, and a few more “dig down and find it places.”   Twitter, facebook. Blog and Goodreads etc.

  Inside Outsider Publications

                Environmentally Helpful Websites.