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Everyone Can be a herO

Is a school library book from the not too distant future.  Just because resources are low, it doesn’t mean that the teenagers can’t enjoy themselves.  They say, in the book, that they can live with the facts that the oil ran out when they were younger and that the winters are far colder now…There is a wet and a dry season which means that one moment you can be on a tow path by a canal and the next you can barely see what is canal and what is path…it rains so hard and floods so quickly…. They only have one real problem, which we left them, the legacy of nuclear power.

This is about ordinary kids trying to do their best in difficult circumstances and they haven’t got any special powers.

This isn’t a time to trust everyone..

Does Kirk know that Maria knows and does Maria know what Kirk knows?

Open a page of the Pangaea School library book by clicking the ticket below. It has to be returned by October 31st 2040.

Extracts from the book.

She gazed out over the balcony. It was one of those days which hang, full of promise. The sky was pale blue and in it was a kingdom of clouds, an archipelago of scattered white islands floating among brittle white waves blown there by the north wind. Sometimes, until you remembered, it was wonderful just to be alive.           


Someone began to play a homemade set of pipes and gradually the other music died away until it was just the clear notes of the instrument which you could hear. The sound haunted Kirk and he remembered hearing the tune being played when he was a child.

Perhaps they all shared the same memories: there was a stillness amongst them. There was a link with the past, you couldn’t ignore it.  You had to take it with you sometimes, even when it hurt. The music stopped.


A red admiral flew overhead and Kirk looked around him. It could all be so beautiful, he thought.  You had to battle on.  The world seemed to be divided into two sorts of people: the ones who cared and the ones who just wanted to have everything, but were prepared to destroy everything to get it.


“How do you know anyone is after me?” asked Kirk.

“We may be kids but we aren’t stupid.  We hear things because people think we are!”

“Kids or stupid?”



From Chapter 6.. Kirk and Maria skate into the night

Text and cover Everyone Can be a herO                     © J.R.Birch 2007