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Kirk and Maria skate into the night…Where are the nuclear trains going..and why?

From Chapter 6…

Maria and Kirk both carried old cork bottle stoppers, which they had singed in a fire, to blacken their faces. They tried to stay in the darkest parts of the streets, but some of the back streets had so much food growing in them, there was only just space for a pathway through.

They were as at home in the dark as they were in the light. Maria and her sister had had lighting in their street when they were younger, but it had always seemed alien to them. The solar powered road lights had replaced most of the old ones, but no one bothered now when the batteries died. It was just the bits of broken road you couldn't see easily that slowed you down at night. Life was taking on a natural rhythm.

Maria was surprised at how fast Kirk went in the dark. He seemed to be like a different person, sliding in and out of the shadows like an animal. She knew she was good and she could see well in the moonlight, but he could really travel.

Kirk stopped suddenly and gripped Maria's hand. She thought he must have seen someone, but he released her hand and stood still, listening. She could hear a steady, soft whooshing sound. He gripped her hand again and they both stood still as round the next building a large bird flew, its wings outstretched, just above them.

"Owl!"" he said. "Probably going to hunt in the city. The night birds are coming back!"

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