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   How The Book  (The printed version of Everyone Can be a herO)                                          Was Made.

On the basis that you can usually do anything if you put your mind to it, the first copies were typed on a home computer on recycled paper and all the pages were hand folded. The covers were made out of re-used cardboard boxes, kindly supplied by stationers, out of a 14 flute card, which has more crinkles inside than average and makes it much stronger than usual. The whole book was drilled using an electric drill and then bound with jute string. If you wanted to make your own book the same way but without using a drill, you could probably use a hand punch, and do the pages several at one time.

This book is 293 pages long and the covers are made out of part-recycled card. They are still made out of 14 flute card. The person who supplied the boxes to the stationers, very kindly told us to contact Thompson Packaging Ltd., of Norwich. They cut, scored and punched the card extremely skilfully and have been really enthusiastic and helpful.

The printers are Abacus Printing Co.Ltd., of London E.C.1. They printed this book, in Times New Roman font, using vegetable based inks, and the paper is 100% recycled.  Again, they were very helpful, especially when it came to drilling the pages. The book was originally bound in jute string, but this may be substituted by hemp string.

The book was published by Inside Outsider Publications…who are now at 11, Tiverton Mansions, 140, Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8AZ.

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In case you are wondering, the statue In the photo’ is the prototype for one cast by

Reg Mabbett of  R.M.Studios. England


Inside Outsider Publications