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Politicians, the professional ones, cannot be trusted with the Earth's future, so much is sure; and neither can corporations.

A completely new society is needed in the way of how the people live in “Everyone Can be a herO”, and maybe a lot better still even. But, would they let us?

The one thing that I really liked was the mention of the use of herbs, wild and cultivated, for food and especially for medicinal uses, and also the mention of companion planting for growing food.

I have just one issue and that is the mention, unfathomable to me, of alternators being used in conjunction with solar voltaic cells. As far as I see solar cells they can directly be used to charge a bank of batteries and would not require an alternator. Feeding current into the national grid would require, though an inverter, an up-converter, while the batteries would be charged with DC.

The latter would be something with which to generate 12V DC using a small windmill, for example.

This book, in my opinion, is a great story and it is a real page turner. Who cares that it is self-published and here and there could do with a little editing. I have enjoyed every minute reading “Everyone Can be a herO” and just wonder as to whether a sequel could be considered.“

The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW is happy to endorse this book.

              Copyright © 2010  Miichael Smith

He is absolutely right about the alternators. I was going to include the wind machines and then took them out and forgot to take the alternators out as well.  In the ebook they have been transformed into inverters…… and sorry, yes there are some spellcheck missed words!


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