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No 2 Nuclear Power

news and information about the UK nuclear industry and why it isn’t the answer to climate change. (Includes responsive design.)

Nuclear Consult.

Aims to provide clear and independent information and analysis of the range of nuclear new build issues in the UK.  Comprises leading academics and experts.

Nuclear Information Service

NIS is  a not-for-profit,independent information service, which works to promote public awareness and foster debate on nuclear disarmament and related safety and environmental issues.

https://kicknuclear.com/ London based group Campaigning against the UK’s addiction to nuclear power                 

Greenpeace U.K.  Who wrote in 2005, Nuclear Power Undermines Solutions to Climate Change. http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/files/pdfs/migrated/MultimediaFiles/Li ve/FullReport/7218.pdf

 Radiation Free Lakeland

More to come

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U.K. based anti-nuclear and nuclear information websites.