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Where The Fox Goes…

…is Christian fiction, but for everyone. It’s about loving people where they are now, not where they would like to be, or where they should be, but now.

The story takes place in three centuries, however. The last is in the late twentieth century, when there is a recession and developers are intending to build over a community’s last wild space and allotments, aided and abetted by the local council.  It isn’t the best time for the people to fight back; jobs have been lost and some people are without even their homes, but someone has to stop it.

The same fight between rich and poor has happened before, in the same place, during the enclosures of the late eighteen and early nineteenth century. The parliamentary acts, which were supposed to help farming but were often used by the rich to get richer, drove many people off the land and to the poorhouse or to emigration.  Can the old people in the twentieth century remember anything they heard from their grandparents, which will help them now?

Why does a brook overflow its banks?

Do the newly built houses have anything to do with it?

Maybe..find out here.


  Does anyone care?

  Find out below.

About the allotments

About the wild places.

 About the stray cats.


    Beatrice’s Way.

Where The Fox Goes © J.R.Birch 2004