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    Why the book was made.

It seemed like a good idea at the time…. A literary agent had suggested that I might like to try writing an ecological novel for teenagers.  However writing it coincided with Tony Blair, the then prime minister of the United Kingdom, making a speech in which he said that he favoured nuclear power. I wanted to say to teenagers, start asking your own questions about this.

The kids in my book boycotted nuclear studies on principle and now they wished that they knew a bit more.  Today’s kids have access to the internet and lots of reliable sources which are currently not government controlled.

 I list some of my own favourites in the links.  If you think that you are going to find the truth out without doing a bit of your own research, you are, in my humble opinion, horribly mistaken.  

For a start…. Just for a start, is there a safe lower level of radiation? and do women and children die twice as often from radiation induced diseases as men?

Just asking…. What diseases and conditions are caused by nuclear radiation, especially from alpha and beta particle emitters being swallowed or breathed in ..and are countries which have had a bad nuclear accident allowed to export radioactive food to other countries to be mixed with non radioactive food and sold on and if you knew, would you eat it?

Finally, what is the legacy of nuclear waste and how much time and money will future generations have to spend on it and for how many  years… and how dangerous will it be, especially if they can’t?

Although the book is set in the future after a nuclear accident, it seemed likely that there would still be people who cared and who just wanted a better society for everyone…. if it wasn’t too late.. and that food growing, organically and intelligently, would be vital.

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