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Maria understood immediately what he was implying.

"But they were told that dumping nuclear waste was never to be allowed again and they agreed that they wouldn't. It was all going to be disposed of properly."

"Yes that's what they said," Kirk replied. "But there isn't really any way you can dispose of it properly. It's toxic for tens of thousands of years."


They watched some more. Alongside part of the road, the railway lines ran. An electric train crawled slowly down the track, stopping fairly often for the energy to be enough to propel it forwards again.

"They go a lot faster than that at night time," commented Maria.

Kirk looked at her keenly. Even in these days when what the people wanted usually took precedence over what the remnants of government thought they should have, it was still a dangerous thing to say. Nuclear waste was still being dealt with by the same people. It was wrong. Everyone knew that. There was a feeling that the good guys had gone underground. The facts were so difficult to get hold of.

"You've heard them too!7'

"Who hasn't?"

"Why doesn't someone stop it?"

"Is someone you or someone me? Someone is someone, Kirk."

"I'm aware of that," he said.

"Everything else is pretty good, though isn't it!" she said, changing the subject.

  Walking and talking …..and trying to work things out.

 To speak..or not to speak?

            One Good Thing….

       Kirk grew the best organic         strawberries in town….

       Maria liked strawberries.

“It was going to cost billions and billions to clean up the nuclear waste and they were only just starting the programme when it happened,” said Kirk, thoughtfully.”

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