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Chapter 6….

It wasn't until they had nearly reached the far shore that she suddenly realised what Kirk had been talking about. The moonlight spilled and rippled around them and they dipped their paddles into streams of silver. They drove the canoe onto the shore and between them manoeuvred it up above the high tide line.

"Do you know your way from here?" Kirk asked Maria.

"Unless you know a short cut, I thought we'd stay by the river till I meet the road I know," she told him.

Kirk looked at the moon. They didn't have too much time.

"Good idea."

They made their way through deserted streets and the buildings gradually became taller and taller and the shadows deeper and darker.

"There! She pointed triumphantly at the building ahead of them.

"How do we get in?"

"Follow me."

She went past the doors at the back to a small building with accessible air vents. They shifted the grid off one of the vents and she looked down.

"It's all right. The lockers are still directly underneath."

She jumped down and he followed her. There was a table pushed against the lockers and it was easy to go from one to the other. Once they were both down she pulled the table away from the line of vision of the grid and kicked a couple of bits of broken glass into place.

Kirk took out his Faraday torch and shook it half a dozen times. Maria waited. The beam came on and he pointed it at the wall opposite.

"The door's on the left," she whispered.

He held the beam steady, whilst she entered the combination on the lock.

"Don't ask how I know this!" she said, half looking at Kirk.

   What are    they up to?    Maybe find    out here.

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